Apple Squashes 5 Bugs with Logic Pro X 10.0.2

Apple released Logic Pro X 10.0.2, a maintenance release for the new version of the company's professional recording solution (also known as a DAW for digital audio workstation). This release squashes five specific bugs, each dealing with different areas in the software, though the KnowledgeBase article for the update detail scores of other minor fixes.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X

Apple's patch notes as shown in the Mac App Store:

  • This update improves overall stability and performance issues including:
  • Undo commands work as expected after Flex Pitch editing
  • The Vintage Electric Piano plug-in now performs correctly at all sample rates
  • The Capture Last Take key command no longer erases a MIDI recording
  • Double-clicking on a Drummer region now opens or closes the editor
  • Addresses a graphic issue where the Piano Roll Editor could display an empty window

This release is recommended for all Logic Pro X customers.

The above mentioned KnowledgeBase article details several score of additional bug fixes, including crashes that were fixed, user interface issues that have been tweaked, specific performance improvements, and more than 30 general bug fixes.

The update is available on the Mac App Store if you have it installed on your Mac.

The full version is priced at US$199.