Apple Starts Construction on Austin Expansion

Apple has begun construction on its new office facility in Austin, Texas, which should ultimately lead to an extra 3,600 jobs in the area. The project is expected to cost US$304 million and is already taking shape on the 38.8 acre lot.

Apple breaks ground on expanded Austin centerApple breaks ground on expanded Austin center

The construction site is on Parmer Lane in northwest Austin, according to The Statesman, and is protected by guards and a fence. The guards aren't confirming the construction site is Apple's, and there aren't any signs yet to indicate the location belongs to Apple.

Texas convinced Apple to expand its Austin presence earlier this year with a 10-year $21 million tax incentive package, Austin kicked in $8.6 million, and Travis County added in another $6.4 million. In return, Apple committed to investing over $280 million in the local economy, and is expected to generate some 3,600 new jobs.

The expansion will eventually include seven buildings covering over a million square feet, and three parking garages with 5,500 spaces.

Apple will spend at least $56.5 million by the end of 2015 in its first expansion phase, and expects to spend another $226 million in its second phase, scheduled to wrap up in 2021.