Apple Store Adds Same Day Delivery through Postmates in Bay Area

Apple has added a same day delivery option on some items through the Apple Store app in iOS. The service is being offered in conjunction with courier service Postmates, and is currently available in parts of the Bay Area in California. Shipping options for some products are listed as "Today within 4 hours - Fastest," and come with a US$19 delivery charge.

Sam Day

Lightning Cable Same Day Delivery

According to MacRumors, which first noticed the option, Postmates already offered Apple Store deliveries on its end. This marks the first time Apple has made courier delivery an option through the Apple Store app. In addition, same day delivery was not an option through the browser version of the Apple Store at the time of this writing.

Amazon, ever an envelope pusher with delivery logistics, was the first major retailer to push same day delivery as a major service for some products and market. The company also has a growing grocery business that specializes in same day delivery.

Google Shopping Express is a relatively new service from the search giant that offers same day on a wide variety of products in many markets in the U.S.

Apple, on the other hand, is a company's whose fortunes have risen hand in hand with the rise of its brick and mortar retailing empire. The Bay Area, for instance, has many Apple Stores throughout Silicon Valley and in San Francisco.

Despite such easy access to Apple goods, same day delivery is where online shopping services are headed. Accordingly, Apple is likely to expand this option to other markets depending on its results in the Bay Area.

One final note: Apple's deliveries are handled by different companies, and that can yield results where for $20 you can get one day delivery and for $19 you can get same day delivery.

One Dollar Less

I'll take the same-day options for one dollar less, please.