Apple Stores to Sell New Apple TV on Oct 30

If you've been gambling on picking up a fourth generation Apple TV in an Apple Store on Friday instead of waiting for next week's deliveries, you're in luck. The Mac Observer paid a visit to our local Apple Store and asked if we can buy a new Apple TV in-store on Friday, and in a word, they said "yes."

You can buy the new Apple TV in Apple Stores on FridayYou can buy the new Apple TV in Apple Stores on Friday

Apple launched pre-orders for the new Apple TV on Monday with a delivery window between October 30th and November 3rd, assuming you were willing to pay for shipping. Free shipping got you delivery between November 2nd and November 4th.

Without a firm delivery date, some people chose to hold out and see if they could walk into an Apple Store on Friday and buy one off the shelf. Apple's retail staff told us that yes, you can, which will no doubt have some pre-order buyers who paid extra for shipping a little miffed.

The new Apple TV includes the same streaming video and music features as previous models, and adds in support for Apple Music, native apps, and Siri voice control. The 32 GB model is priced at US$149, and the 64 GB model costs $199.

If you pre-ordered an Apple TV and aren't expecting a Friday delivery, you can buy one in-store and either cancel your online order or return it to the store after it arrives. We get that instand gratification is a big deal for some people.