Apple Swings Deal for Swiss Railway Clock Icon

Apple's short-lived icon crisis is at an end thanks to an agreement with the Swiss Federal Railways. The deal lets Apple use the railway's classic clock design in iOS 6 where it already shows up as the badge for the iPad's Clock app.

Apple's new Clock icon for the iPhone won't change thanks to an SBB licensing deal

The Swiss Federal Railway, or SBB, commissioned designer Hans Hilfiker to design the clock in 1944 and has since licensed its likeness to other companies. Apple, however, didn't seek a licensing deal until after iOS 6 launched with its SBB-inspired clock icon already in place.

SBB spokesperson Patricia Claivaz said at the time, "We're rather proud that a brand as important as Apple is using our design," and added that the two companies would be discussing licensing terms.

SBB didn't release the terms of the deal, and Apple hasn't commented on the arrangement. With the deal signed, however, iPad users can finally rest easy knowing they won't lose their slick new Clock icon.