Apple takes on Dropbox with iCloud Drive

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Apple's Craig Federighi unveiled iCloud Drive as a new feature for OS X Yosemite during the company's Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday. The feature lets users store files on iCloud, and sync them between their Macs and Windows PCs, much like Dropbox.

Apple's iCloud Drive offers Dropbox-like file sharing and syncingApple's iCloud Drive offers Dropbox-like file sharing and syncing

iCloud Drive documents appear in Finder windows without needing special apps, and it supports folders, too. If that sounds familiar, you probably already use Dropbox.

The new service addresses a long standing complaint about iCloud, which is that it has always been something of a black box feature where uses have no control over managing the files they store. Considering the directories needed for iCloud Drive have been on our Macs in previous versions of OS X, it's nice to see Apple finally giving us access to their contents.

Apple is still showing off OS X features, so be sure to continue checking in with The Mac Observer for our ongoing live event coverage.

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Dropbox for iOS does NOT understand files in new iWork format. Works for OS X but NOT for iOS.

So iCloud Drive is a welcome solution.


Can’t wait to give it a spin. How much space is available?
When is iCloud going to move to something more relevant to today like free 100 or 500 gig? 5 seems paltry somehow.


They also showed that third-party storage solutions can integrate into iCloud Drive-enabled apps via the “Extensions” API. Interestingly they did NOT show a Dropbox icon in that list. But I still assume that DropBox will quickly release an app that adds that support, so DropBox users will automatically get the benefits of iCloud Drive without needing to migrate storage solutions.

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