Apple Targets Fitness, Travel, Music Apps in New Apple Watch Ads

Apple took the lid off three new Apple Watch ads on Tuesday that highlight fitness, travel, and music apps instead of the more personal feel of earlier commercials. The 15 second spots offer a fast paced look at the types of apps available for the smart watch and introduce a new tag line: Apps at a tap.

Apple uses the ads to illustrate how many apps are available for the watch and that there's plenty of variety, too. The company's previous commercials, Berlin and Beijing, have a more personal pull with travelers exploring foreign cities.


Apple Watch availability was limited to pre-order sales when it first launched thanks to inventory constraints, but now that Apple seems to have production under control shoppers can pick up watches in the company's retail stores. Best Buy will start selling Apple Watch in its stores,too, starting August 7.

Getting the word out for Apple Watch has been a delicate balancing act for Apple. Promoting the watch heavily when it was back ordered would've left consumers frustrated when they couldn't buy one in stores. Limited promotion, however, could kill the watch's momentum. Now that Apple Watch is fairly easy to get, it's time for Apple to start ramping up its advertising campaign again—and hopefully keep consumers buying.