Apple Teams with MicroLatch for Fingerprint ID

Apple has apparently struck a deal with MicroLatch for fingerprint identification technology to be used as part of a Near Field Communication-based mobile payment system. News of the deal comes from David Murray, who is the former head of lead MicroLatch investor Commonwealth Bank, according to The Australian.

Apple gets touchy-feely with MicroLatchApple gets touchy-feely with MicroLatch

The deal has MicroLatch working with Apple on fingerprint technology to be used in various NFC applications.

This isn't Apple's first venture into the NFC and fingerprint ID world. The iPhone and iPad maker struck a deal earlier this year to buy AuthenTec for US$365 million, which would give Apple access to the company's fingerprint ID and NFC technology.

"Apple is likely most interested in [AuthenTec's] fingerprint authentication smart sensor technology, which we think it may want to use for iPhone mobile payment authentication," said Wells Fargo analyst Maynard Um. If so, Apple may be looking to MicroLatch for additional resources while fitting AuthenTec's technology into upcoming products.

Presumably, Apple's purchase is still on since AuthenTec has started phasing out support for current customers such as Samsung and HP.

Apple hasn't commented on the apparent MicroLatch deal.