Apple Tells Developers to Submit their OS X Yosemite-compatible Apps

Apple is signaling we're much closer to the official launch of OS X Yosemite by telling developers it's time to start submitting their app updates now. Calling for Yosemite-compatible app submissions is one of the last steps ahead of an official rollout, as is the release of Gold Master OS candidates — which has also happened.

Apple calls for OS X Yosemite app submissionsApple calls for OS X Yosemite app submissions

Calling for Yosemite-compatible app submissions means Apple thinks it's close to wrapping up pre-release development and doesn't expect to find any crippling bugs in the current OS X beta.

Apple showed off OS X Yosemite earlier this year at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference. The upcoming Mac operating system upgrade sports a flatter look that borrows from iOS 7 and iOS 8, tighter integration with the iPhone and iPad for data sharing, improved Spotlight searches that also look to the Web, and more.

Apple hasn't said exactly when OS X Yosemite will ship, but considering the company wants developers to get their app updates ready to go it's a fairly safe bet we'll see a release some time in October.