Apple to China Customers: Knockoff iPhone Chargers are Bad

Following a report that a woman in China was electrocuted by her iPhone charger and Apple's subsequent investigation into the incident, the company has updated its website in the country with tips on identifying whether or not you're using an official Apple charger or a third-party knockoff. The investigation into the accident showed the victim was using a third-party charger, and in this case it seems the charger was defective.

Apple's China website now details how to identify iPhone and iPad chargersApple's China website now details how to identify iPhone and iPad chargers

The victim in the accident reportedly died after charging her iPhone 5, and at the time it was assumed she was using an Apple-branded charger. It is, to date, the only known incident where someone was killed when charging their iPhone -- and it turns out that in this case that it wasn't an Apple charger at all.

To help avoid similar tragedies in the future, and probably to do some butt-covering as well, Apple added a new page to its Chinese website that details how to tell whether or not the charger for your iPhone 4 or 4S, iPhone 5, or any iPad is legit Apple gear or just another knockoff.

Of course, the warning page won't stop people from buying third-party chargers, and most people will be able to use them without threat of death. For shoppers that are concerned, however, they now have a reference tool and Apple has a handy I-told-you-so, too.