Apple to Close iTunes Connect December 21 through 27

Mac and iOS developers planning on releasing new titles or updates before the end of the year shouldn't procrastinate until the end of December because Apple will be shutting down its iTunes Connect service between December 21 and December 27. iTunes Connect is the service where developers submit their apps and updates for approval before they're pushed live on the App Store or Mac App Store.

iTunes Connect will be closed December 21-27iTunes Connect will be closed December 21-27

The annual shut down also means processing of Newsstand Atom feeds will be delayed until after December 27, price changes and apps scheduled to go live between the 21st and 27th won't happen until after the closure window, and sales and trends reports from the Autoingestion tool will be delayed.

For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac customers, there won't be any indication that anything has shut down. They can still make purchases just as they always have, and their payments will process as if nothing has changed.

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