Apple to Highlight Education at Media Event

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iPad mini event to focus on education, tooAlong with the introduction of the smaller form factor iPad, Apple is expected to highlight education and iBooks 3 at its media event on Tuesday. Pat of the push will be to show the new iPad model as a versatile tool in schools.

Rumors have been pointing to the release of a 7.85-inch iPad model at a price point that comes in below the 9.7-inch version. A lower price point, coupled with the smaller size could be a big draw for schools.

Word of the education spin at Tuesday's media event comes through sources talking with Bloomberg. That market is moving away from desktop computers, at least in some markets, and is looking to mobile devices for classrooms.

"We're moving away from desktops and laptops," said superintendent of the McAllen Independent School District in Texas James Ponce. "Ninety percent of the work is now being done on mobile devices."

The smaller iPad will have value for Apple beyond the education market, too. The smaller size, and corresponding price point, will help the company take sales that otherwise could have gone to competitors in the table space such as Amazon and Samsung, and Microsoft's brand new Surface tablet.

Apple's "We've got a little more to show you" media event starts at 10AM pacific time on Tuesday, October 23, at the California Theater in San Jose. The Mac Observer will be on location with live coverage, so be sure to check in with us tomorrow for Apple's announcements.

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Your analysis is spot on, Jeff. I have heard or read many reports of schools not buying iPads but instead purchasing cheaper Android tablets (and seemingly not caring about what they were actually getting in the process.) An iPad that is priced competitively should (and I think will) own the education market

The big question is, of course, HOW competitive will the iPad Mini be priced? iPod Touch price comparison issues notwithstanding, I think it shouldn’t be any higher than $250 to really become the logical choice for schools over the Android stuff.

But do I think it will be priced at $250?  Probably more like $299.

And one more thing:  I still think that Apple is going to show us something that we are not expecting tomorrow.  Perhaps price.  Perhaps feature . . .


Perhaps that unexpected thing is a $99 iPad Mini? Could Apple take off the gloves and put out something that they don’t make a profit on and snuff out the competition once and for all? Unlikely but also unexpected.

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