Apple to Join President Obama’s Pledge on Long-Term Unemployed

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Apple, Ford, Walmart, and 297 other companies are expected to join President Barack Obama's pledge not to discriminate against the long-term unemployed. In a video interview posted by CNN, President Obama said that representatives from many of these companies will attend a meeting at the White House on Friday where they work out best practice guidelines to keep companies from not hiring someone simply because they have been out of a job for months or years.

"Because they've been unemployed [...] so long, folks are looking at that gap in the resume and they're weeding them out before these folks even get a chance for an interview," President Obama said in the interview.

"What we have done is to gather together 300 companies, just to start with, including, some of the top 50 companies in the country, companies like Walmart, and Apple, Ford and others, to say let's establish best practices," he said.

The meeting and the pledge are part of the commitment the president made during Tuesday's State of the Union address to use the power of the executive branch to reduce income inequality in the U.S.

If the best practices developed at the meeting, and if the pledge by these companies to hold to those practices—two big ifs—results in more of the long-term unemployed being able to rejoin the work force, it could result in lifting them higher on the income bell curve.

Apple, as one of the largest companies on the planet, brings cache to the pledge, but Ford and Walmart—the only other two companies pre-named by the president—both employee orders of magnitude more people than Apple. All three companies will be important participants if the pledge is to have any effect.

CNN's interview:

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What would have Steve done?

He would have replied the email with one word: NO


They should expand the pledge to older workers, I’ve known a number of people over 50 that can’t get jobs because of their age (and experience that costs $$).


I despise people who speak for the late Steve Jobs.


Long term unemployment or welfare?  Paying people not to work destroys the human being.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

@JustCause… If these older workers’ experience were worth the premium they seek, employers would be all over them. What’s really going on here is that older workers have to compete on price and value too, just like everyone else. Sucks, but that’s how it is. If older workers feel they are being undervalued, they should start their own firms. Many do and thrive. Many do and fail. Those that do are way more noble than those who sit back expecting to find someone to pay their “experience premium” and never try.


My comment was not that they cannot find work, it was that the government finds it necessary to provide funding for them forever…

A society that pays people NOT to work and not to contribute is a sign that the society is ill.  Sometimes people must adapt and find new ways to contribute to society.  Humans are robust and can do wonderful things..

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