Apple to Replace Seagate 1TB Drives on Some iMacs

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iMacApple has announced a replacement program for 1TB Seagate hard drives on some iMac systems sold between October 2009 and July of 2011. The drives in question apparently have a higher chance of failure than they should, and Apple's replacement program will allow affected customers to get the drive replaced for free at Apple or an Authorized Service Provider (AASP).

Apple said it is contacting customers it believes bought affected iMacs, but that contact is limited to those who provided a legitimate (and still-working) email address when they registered their iMac. The company also has a serial number checker that allows you to check even if you haven't heard from the company.

the company is warning users that, "You will need to have the original OS installation discs that were shipped with your product in order to re-install your operating system, other applications and any backed up data after your hard drive is replaced."

The company also has a process in place for refunds for customers who have already paid to have these drives replaced, saying, "If you believe you have paid for a repair or replacement due to this issue, contact Apple regarding a refund."

The program is limited to 1TB Seagate drives in iMacs sold during the specified time period above.

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I received the email, and it would be great to have the hard drive replaced. But it is my main computer, and replacing the hard drive will kill my Microsoft Office 2011 license. Since Microsoft will not properly allow licenses to be deactivated and moved, it will cost another $200 for a new license. It just isn’t worth it.


Why don’t they send someone out to do this?  Dell would.
I have 20 of these and they all run Boot Camp, Win7, office 2010…what a nightmare!
Shame on you Apple!


Does the replacement of the Seagate hard drive thru a certified Mac service technician INCLUDE relaoding the operating system, programs and all the data that I back up?  Anyone know how long the replacement of the HD will take? And lastly will ther be any conflict with reloading the data and programs if Parallels Desktop for Windows is also used on my iMac. This sounds like a nightmare if I have to do and pay for all the data transfer myself and buy an external hard drive to back it up first. I got a bid of $320.00 to do all the restoring after the hard drive is replaced. Anyone know how much Apple is willing to do to get us backup and running? I use my computer for business and personal use.


Please people. Replacing a failed/failing drive does not invalidate a software license…. reload it an re-enter the license number.

They don’t send anyone to replace the drive because of the tear down needed to access the drive for replacement is complicated and time consuming.

If you use Time Machine you shouldn’t have any problem restoring your computer to the way it was prior to a drive swap including all user profiles that are on the computer.

If you’re not that techie, get a copy of Mac OS for dummies as they’ll explain this stuff in a non-techie way so you’ll have a better understanding how it works. We continue to be driven by and dependant upon technology in our lives, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, take a little initiative and find out.


@Jim, you appear to not understand the fact that Microsoft only has an automated system for resetting the license after changing the hard drive serial number and that system does not currently function.  No matter what you enter, it denies you the reset and then hangs up on you.  There is no way to speak to a human about the issue, so there is no way to ever reset the license to re-use.


I gather, from our local Apple dealer, that they will retain the replaced HDD! Surely this is a security risk since, in my case, the iMac holds all (or most) of my passwords, banking details, sensitive client information etc.
The replacement also involves stepping back up from the original OS to the current one (whichever animal it is now!) and presumably reinstalling all the software, utilities etc.
Just banging in a new HDD is about as good as shoving a new engine in my Volvo without tying it into the car’s computer!


if you’re pissed, please sign!  they need to make this imac nonsense right

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