Apple to Supreme Court: You can Skip Samsung’s Patent Appeal

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Apple doesn't think the U.S. Supreme Court needs to hear Samsung's appeal in their patent infringement fight, and said as much in documents filed on Thursday. Samsung is hoping to get the court to overturn a ruling that says it infringed on several Apple-owned mobile device patents.

Apple argues Supreme Court shouldn't hear Samsung's patent infringement appealApple argues Supreme Court shouldn't hear Samsung's patent infringement appeal

Apple called Samsung's case "legally unexceptional," and argued that the company is trying to drag out the case. Apple's filing stated,

Samsung had its day in court—many days, in fact—and the properly instructed jury was well-justified in finding that Samsung copied Apple's designs and should pay the damages that the statute expressly authorizes. While this litigation may be high-profile, it is legally unexceptional, and Samsung has shown no reason for this Court to prolong it.

Apple won more than US$900 million in damages from Samsung in 2011 when a jury ruled the electronics maker was infringing on a long list of iPhone and iPad-related patents. Samsung responded with an ongoing string of appeals and finally at the end of 2015 agreed to pay up $548 million.

Samsung is hoping to convince the Supreme Court to hear its case and throw out Apple's win. If that happens, Samsung will demand give back its $548 million, plus interest.

According to Samsung, not overturning the lower court's ruling will hobble innovation and competition, and negatively impact the U.S. economy.

The Supreme Court picks and chooses which cases it hears, and hasn't made a decision yet on Samsung's request.

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Samsung says letting the lower court's ruling stand will kill innovation, and Apple says there's no need for the Supreme Court to hear the case. I'm so ready for this patent infringement case to end.

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Well, now - our new 4-4 split SCOTUS can only affirm lower court decisions, so unless the Congressional GOP finds a reason to confirm any of POTUS’s appointments to that vacancy, Samsung now has the chance to same some significant money by dropping this suit (at least until 2017 after the next POTUS is inaugurated.

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