Apple to Use U.S. Quanta Plant to Make Macs

Along with designing Macs in Silicon Valley, Apple will be making them there, too. Apple will be using a Quanta Computer plant in Fremont, California to build some Macs, according to the Economic Times, although there isn't official word yet on exactly which model will be built in the States.

Apple's U.S. Mac manufacturing partner: Quanta ComputerApple's U.S. Mac manufacturing partner: Quanta Computer

Company CEO Tim Cook revealed in December 2012 that Apple would be manufacturing one Mac model exclusively in the U.S. During an interview on NBC's Rock Center, Mr. Cook said, "We've been working for years on doing more and more in the United States."

Some iMacs were sporting a "Assembled in the U.S." tag before the end of the year, and rumors suggesting the Mac Pro or Mac mini would be the U.S.-made model cropped up, too. Rumors also claimed Apple's U.S. manufacturing parter would be Foxconn, although it turns out that's not the case.

Apple hasn't offered up any additional details about its U.S. manufacturing plans, but Mr. Cook did say he hopes the move will entice more electronics makers to bring production into the country.

"The consumer electronics world was really never here," Mr. Cook said. "It's a matter of starting it here."