Apple to Webcast Tim Cook’s Goldman Sachs Presentation

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Apple CEO Tim Cook will be speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Tuesday, and the iPhone and iPad maker will live stream the event live through its website. Mr. Cook's presentation is scheduled to start at 7:15AM Pacific Time (10:15AM Eastern Time) on February 12.

Apple CEO Tim Cook to speak at Goldman Sachs eventApple CEO Tim Cook to speak at Goldman Sachs event

Mr. Cook spoke at the Goldman Sachs event last year, too, where he talked about iPhone sales, working conditions in China, and the company's growing cash pile. The Mac Observer's John Martellaro said Mr. Cook showed at the event that he was free from "the demons of Steve Jobs."

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John Dingler, artist

His cozying up to GS, which helped tank the economy for the 99% by betting to make profits on the failure of its exotic derivatives, is nearly enough for an Apple enthusiast to consider alternative gadgets.


Regardless of one’s views on Wall Street,  as a publicly traded company, especially considering Apple stock’s recent decline, Tim is wise to do some PR there. Sharing his vision should not only help the stock price, but also bring positive media exposure to encourage sales of Apple products.

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