Apple TouchID Tech May get Boost from Privaris Purchase

Apple may be in the process of buying fingerprint sensor technology company Privaris. The company has already transfered 26 of its 31 patents to Apple, which is a fairly common when a buyout is in the works.

Apple may be buying fingerprint sensor company PrivarisApple may be buying fingerprint sensor company Privaris

Privaris builds fingerprint sensors small enough to go on your keychain, and some of its patented technology describes a system where fingerprint sensors can be embedded in a display—a feature that would let Apple move the iPhone's Touch ID sensor from the Home button into the smartphone's display.

Assuming Apple does build fingerprint sensing into the iPhone display, it could potentially remove the iconic Home button and free up more surface space for the screen.

Apple bought three of Privaris's patents at the end of 2012, according to CNN Money, and most of the rest of the company's portfolio in October 2014. With those patents in Apple's hands, it's looking more and more like Privaris is about to become part of the Apple family.

Neither company is talking about their plans, so for now there isn't any official word  on exactly what's in store for Privaris.