Apple TV Adds ABC, Bloomberg Channels

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Apple rolled out another background update for Apple TV on Wednesday with more new channels. This time Watch ABC, Bloomberg, KORTV, and Crackle landed on our home screens.

Apple TV gets ABC, Bloomberg, moreApple TV gets ABC, Bloomberg, more

The new channels bring with them TV shows, streaming news, movies, and other original programming, giving some Apple TV owners a few more reasons to cut their traditional cable or Dish subscriptions. Watch ABC, Bloomberg, KORTV, and Crackle expand the available Apple TV viewing options which already included PBS, HBO Go, ESPN, and more.

The update is free and the channels will appear automatically on your Apple TV.



I cut the cord less than 2 months ago and it’s been a great experience.  A lot less ‘junk TV’ coming in, better HD signal with the antenna we had installed, and more emphasis on catching up on specific shows through NetFlix, AppleTV channels and various channel’s iOS apps instead of channel-surfing.

Watch ABC has been the best of the network and cable iOS apps we’ve played with.  Shows available the next day with very good audio and video, you wouldn’t know it was streaming from an iOS device if you just walked in and it was on.  Strangely it doesn’t support direct AirPlay support but we’ve found AppleTV mirroring to work out great most of the time.  Now that it’s not the AppleTV natively our viewing experience will be even better.  CBS and FOX should take note, they’re losing us with 2-week delayed shows (the former) or only on Hulu (the latter). 

Another note about our TV usage that advertisers should take note of.  We are much more likely to sit through and pay attention to a commercial break of 60 to 90 seconds than a 5-minute one, where we all walk out of the room and come back when the show starts up again.


The problem with most of these added channels is that they are tied to having cable service. So far this makes cutting that cable unlikely. If the negotiations with Time Warner include offering a la carte options then maybe we can sharpen our wire cutters.


Question: do the new channels require a cable subscription to be able to view them? Like skipaq said, this severely limits them.  Last time TMO mentioned new channels added they were ones that needed a cable subscription. This article doesn’t explicitly say one way or the other but implies they don’t by saying you could cut the cord.

Any final answer on this? (Or I can just try it when I get home tonight.)

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