Apple TV gets ABC News, PBS Kids, More

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Apple pushed out more channels to Apple TV, giving users access to ABC News, PBS Kids, Willow TV, and AOL On on Tuesday. Like other channel updates, Apple quietly pushed the new content out to users without any need to run updaters or reboot.

Apple TV adds ABC News channelApple TV adds ABC News channel

The ABC News channel offers current news and clips from the network's news and information-related programming, plus content from nine major affiliates around the country. ABC brought entertainment programming to Apple TV late last year through its Watch ABC channel.

Unfortunately, much of the new content requires a cable subscription, so it doesn't do much to help viewers hoping to trim down their monthly bills by cutting the cable cord.

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Seeing more channels appear on Apple TV is great, but forcing viewers to still pay for a cable TV package really sucks. TV viewers are slowing moving towards wanting to pay for just what they want to see instead of hundreds of channels they aren't interested in.

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How is it that the DoJ that was all over Apple for raising ebook prices, doesn’t apply the same metric toward the cable monopoly / oligopoly / Comcast?

Oh, wait…bribes, err, campaign contributions.

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