Apple TV gets WWE Channel

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Apple expanded Apple TV content again on Monday with the addition of the WWE Network. The new channel for the set top box brings pro wrestling content to viewers, including all 12 of the WWE live Pay-Per-View events.

Apple TV adds WWE NetworkApple TV adds WWE Network

The channel includes WWE network programming, original series and reality shows, documentaries, and video-on-demand content. Like other new channel additions, Apple TV owners don't need to install any updates, the channel simply appears on their Apple TV home screen.

The WWE Network channel requires a subscription available through the iTunes Store. It's priced at US$59.99 for six months.

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Lee Dronick

How about a Shakespeare channel?


Shakespeare Wrestling!  The Devastator from Denmark, Hamlet, takes on The King of Girth, Henry 8th, in a no-holds cage match this Sunday-Sunday-Sunday!

Can’t wait to see the tag-team match between King and Lady Macbeth against Romeo and Juliet.

Lee Dronick

Watch the movie Coriolanus if you want to see some fighting and Shakespeare, it makes proffesional wrestling look Mama Mia. In this production the story is set in modern times instead of the old Roman times, but keeps the original Elizabethan dialect.


My kid loves this channel

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