Apple TV Sales Hit 5M in Fiscal 2012

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Apple's self proclaimed hobby, the Apple TV home entertainment device, sold 1.3 million units during the company's fourth fiscal quarter for 2012, and 5 million for the year. Sales for the device are low compared other Apple products, but have been on the rise year over year.

Apple TV: Apple's little hobbyApple TV: Apple's little hobby

Despite the Apple TV's hobby status, the set top box has been seen as a market leader by analysis firms such as Strategy Analytics. The firm predicted almost a year ago that the market for connected entertainment devices like Apple TV and Roku will increase quickly.

Assuming those predictions are correct, there's still plenty of room for Apple TV to grow -- which is good news for Apple since the company's declining quarterly iPod sales of 5.3 million units still comes in ahead of the Apple TV's total annual sales.

For now Apple TV looks to be firmly set in its hobby status, and even though sales are on the rise it won't likely shed that title for some time.

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John Martellaro

Glad to see that my estimates from the spring were pretty close.

India News Online

nice post…

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