Apple TV Update Sports Redesigned Hulu Interface

Along with iOS 6.1.3 for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Apple released Apple TV version 5.2.1 on Tuesday. The update for the streaming home media device included a redesigned Hulu Plus interface, along with several security-related patches.

Apple TV update revamps Hulu Plus interfaceApple TV update revamps Hulu Plus interface

Hulu Plus is a video streaming service that hosts a large selection of old TV shows, current programming, and movies. The redesigned interface for Apple TV offers improved categories to make it easier to choose TV shows and movies, and also includes a "Shows You Watch" section along with kids programs, and updated playback controls.
The 5.2.1 update also patches potential security issues that could let attackers run arbitrary code on the Apple TV.
Apple TV auto-checks for software updates weekly, but you can force the update to install by going to Settings > General > Update Software.