Apple Tweaks Java for Lion, Mountain Lion

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JavaApple updated Java for OS X Lion and Mountain Lion Wednesday with the release of Java for OS X 2012-005. The update tweaks Java controls by automatically turning the Java plugin off when no Java applets have been run for an extended period of time.

Apple's patch notes also specify that if users hadn't installed the previous version of Java (Java for for OS X Lion 2012-004), that the Java plugin will be disabled immediately.

In either case, you can reactivate it by clicking on the "Inactive plugin" region on a webpage with an embedded Java applet that you want to see.

The release also updates Java SE 6 to version 1.6.0_35. If you want Java SE 7, you'll need to get it from Oracle's Java site.

Apple has not yet added this update to its Apple security updates page, meaning we don't know the specifics of security fixes included in the update.

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TMO Spin: Oh, Java. You were once so cute. Now you're just kind of annoyingly confusing, especially with Apple's pseudo-support for the technology.

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Automatically disabling the Java plug-in has been a feature for some time now. It’s not new with this update.


Oh, Lord!  I very recently updated to Java 7 from the Oracle site, so should I dump it and install 2012-005 instead?

Also, the security update page is up, but it doesn’t say anything “for the protection of our customers.”


I have a Snow leopard machine which can’t go to mountain lion and lion is not available any more! Now Apple are truly not supporting Snow leopard (not even providing critical security patches) what are people in my position to do? I don’t want to send £1200 on a new iMac!


“...Apple are truly not supporting Snow leopard (not even providing critical security patches)..”

The Java update for S/L is here:


If you are running Oracle Java SE 7, updating to Update 7 will bring you to the current security baseline. Apple’s update is for the Apple-supplied Java SE 6.


@ jbruni ~ I guess my question should have been, which is more important for the best operation on a Mac with M/L; Oracle’s 7 or Apple’s 6?


I would recommend staying with Java SE 6 for now, at least until November. SE 6 will be officially end-of-life in November.

SE 7 has only recently become generally available, though it has been available to developers for some time.

Unless you have some compelling application that needs SE 7, stay with SE 6. SE 7 is the first version of Java supported by someone other than Apple. For me, I’m watching to see how well Oracle supports OS X.

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