Apple Breaks the 64GB Barrier with 128GB iPad

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Apple announced its new 128GB iPad on Tuesday, confirming rumors that a higher capacity version was on the way. The new model shares the same specs as the other fourth generation Retina Display models and is available in Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus LTE versions.

Apple's 4th gen iPad, now available with 128GB storageApple's 4th gen iPad, now available with 128GB storage

Word of a possible 128GB model surfaced over the weekend after developers found references to the higher capacity version in the final beta of iOS 6.1. Apple then released the public version of iOS 6.1 on Monday.

The iPad has been available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities ever since it was first launched, and Apple offers those same storage capacities on the new iPad mini as well.

The fourth generation iPad includes a 7.9-inch multi-touch Retina Display, FaceTime HD camera, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Apple's A6X processor, built-in speaker and microphone, iOS 6.1, and the new Lightning connector.

The 128GB model is priced at US$799 for the Wi-Fi model, and $929 for the Wi-Fi plus cellular data model. It will be available on Tuesday, February 5.

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It seems likely that the addition of a 128Gb model will also mean the loss of the 16Gb one. I expect price points to stay the same with twice the storage. To put it another way if I was looking at a 32Gb iPad, now it will be the cheapest version, or for not too much more I can get the 64. This is extremely good news.


I wish I had the money to buy one.


It seems backwards to me that the price/GB of storage keeps going down with increment of the iPad.  On computers we’re used to paying huge amounts of money if we want to squeeze out every last ounce of RAM a machine supports.  But on the iPad you pay $100 more over the base model to get 16GB of extra RAM (32GB version vs. the 16GB version).  Pay another $100 on top of that and you get 32GB of memory (64GB version vs. 32GB version) and pay another $100 you get a whopping 64GB more memory (128GB version vs. 64GB version). 

If the same rules applied for ipads as they do for computers you should be paying more to squeeze more storage into the already tightly confined space of an iPad.  Instead you are paying less as you add more storage.  I’m not advocating that I want it to be like computers, just something I find curious. Is there something about Flash memory that makes it more economical to keep doubling the memory (that doesn’t make any sense, but the price points of the various versions of the iPad beg that I ask the question).


Like Geoduck, I think the lowest priced model soon jumps to more memory at the same price. It would be great if this happened to other Apple devices too.


Just to nit-pick, you put a picture of an iPad Mini in this article which is about non-mini iPads.

Randy Bachman

This is a bit pricey. I am not sure that the extra storage can be evaluated in the same way as on a conventional computer. Pads don’t run the same kinds of apps that demand a lot of local storage. And with the cloud its difficult for me to imagine what I would do with the extra space without running big spreadsheets etc. So it leaves me puzzled: what’s it for? Maybe if they added a Mac OS emulator to the iPad so it could be converted temporarily into a “real computer” for the big apps, it makes sense. Of course, I would rather have an iOS emulator for my Mac…<<<sigh>>>


That is an interesting idea geoduck and ibuck have about this might mean that 16Gb iPads are soon going away.
I was thinking this might be for those who ” need everything on the iPad” .
Not everyone has a 3G/4G Cellular iPad or has access to WiFi all the time. While yes I do use an iPad to read email, surf the web, get directions, work on documents, take pictures (yes, take pictures - reminds me of shooting with a 4x5 camera), etc. - I, as well as most of the people I know with one, still use it for media content consumption. That content takes up a lot of space.
Storage in “The Cloud” is a grand idea but not quite there yet, although there are times I wish it was. Also, who wants to Stream the HD Version of “The Dark Knight Rises” which weighs in at 5.52 Gb or even the SD Version at 2.32 Gb.


Yes, substance,  what you point out is just another example of how silly the pricing scheme of additional memory is.  $100 for 64gb is bad enough, $100 for 16gb is insane.  No one ever seems to want to call them out on this though.

@randy you’re correct that the apps generally aren’t that large, but for people who store a lot of media- big music collections and video content, 64 GB was always pushing it.

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