Apple Unveils First Gold iPhone 5s Commercial

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Apple is finally starting to promote the new iPhone 5s on television with its first ad for the combination iPod and smartphone showing up over the weekend. The ad, called "Liquid Metal," is similar to the iPhone 5c commercials that are already airing, and sticks with Apple's familiar style of showing off the product without mentioning any specifications.

Apple's new Apple's new "Liquid Metal" iPhone 5 ad

The iPhone 5s has been selling faster than Apple can make it even without commercials to show it off. The gold model is apparently in very high demand with delivery wait times pushing into three weeks, although the space gray and silver models recently jumped up to showing a three week backlog, too.

People that have been lucky enough to get ahold of an iPhone 5s have an Apple-designed 64-bit A7 processor, M7 motion tracking co-processor, an improved digital camera with dual-light LED flash, and the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The iPhone 5s is priced starting at US$199.

Apple's "Liquid Metal" commercial is airing on television now and is also available at the company's website.


Lee Dronick

Yesterday I finally had a chance to see and handle the new iPhones. I like the gold, silver, and space gray backs, but I prefer a black front.

The 5c feesl a bit tinny, plastic body not withstanding. They do feel more solid than the cheap stuff from other manufactures, but not as solid as the 5s. The colors are a bit to youthful for me, but of course they will appeal to others and that is okay.

John Dingler, artist

Hi Jeff,
Just saw that commercial. The opening scene begins with a blog of brownish orange goop reminiscent of rotting hamburger meat. Apple’s colorizers should have used a cooler gold hue to allude to what I think is the color of real gold metal.

And having the animated metal flow through the air like that of the advanced assassination robot from Terminator II, in which he used his extending metallic finger as a futuristic sword to pierce the truck driver’s body to kill him, reminded me of that unpleasant scene.

No, this commercial was produced by a technician in love with his/her technical ability, not an animation artist with an awareness of unpleasant feelings that such images can conjure up. Therefore, in my opinion, the work does not lie in the intersection of technology and positive humanities.


I ordered my iPhone 5s Gold from ATT local store and it arrived on Thursday weeks ahead of schedule.
I was able to use my clear RocketFish iPhone 5 case on it and the gold looks awesome. Everyone thinks my case is gold.  I’m partial to black iPhones having had 3 previous versions in that color but this white and gold just hooked me.
It runs ios7 without any sluggishness like with the 5.  The fingerprint sensor has been flawless.  Good job Apple!

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