Apple Updates iTunes TOC with iOS 8 Family Sharing and App Bundle Pricing

iTunesApple updated on Wednesday the Terms and Conditions users must agree to use the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks, and other iTunes services. The company added new terms that cover Family Sharing, a feature in iOS 8 that makes it easier for a family to share iTunes purchases. App Bundles are another new feature. It allows developers to offer bundles of their own apps at a discount.

From Apple's plain-English description of the changes:

The changes we have made to the terms and conditions include the following:

  • New terms and conditions have been added to explain Family Sharing, including responsibilities of the family organizer, adding and removing family members and purchase authorization and limitations.
  • Explanation of App Bundle Pricing.

The new section on Family Sharing explains that "eligible" content can be shared between up to six individuals, and it requires an "Organizer" who is 18 or over with a valid credit card registered with iTunes. The organizer can control who sees what and who needs permission to download anything from iTunes. The Organizer is also responsible for what the Family does.

The App Bundle addition is quite succinct, saying simply: "Some App Store Products may contain multiple items (“App Bundles”). The price displayed with an App Bundle is the price you will be charged upon purchasing the App Bundle. The App Bundle price may be reduced to account for App Store Products you have already purchased or acquired, but may include a minimum charge to complete the App Bundle."

You will be presented with the changes the next time you log into iTunes.