Apple Updates OS X Snow Leopard for Better Mac App Store Support

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Snow LeopardApple released a rare update for an old operating system, Mac App Store Update for OS X Snow Leopard. The update addresses some changes in the signing certificate used by the Mac App Store.

Apple's full patch notes for the update:

This update is recommended for all Snow Leopard users.

The Mac App Store Update for OS X Snow Leopard ensures future compatibility of the Mac App Store with OS X Snow Leopard. It is recommended for all Snow Leopard users.

This update:

  • Installs a renewed intermediate signing certificate required by the Mac App Store. The certificate ensures that you can continue to use the Mac App Store in Snow Leopard to purchase new apps and run any previously purchased apps that use receipt validation.
  • Includes improvements to Mac App Store alerts.

Snow Leopard is also OS X 10.6. If you're running Snow Leopard, you can download the update through Apple Menu -> Software Update. You can also download a standalone installer at 3.5MB from the update's KnowledgeBase entry.

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Wow, Snow Leopard is over six years old; I don’t think Apple has ever updated such an outdated OS in the history of the company. Granted that it’s just a minor update so SL users can keep using the Mac App store; I would think the main motive for Apple would be to keep it viable in case users want to jump to a newer operating system. And that’s kind of the question, to me: does Apple even anticipate anyone having any desire to update their OS from 2009-ish machines, at this point?

On a quick side note, I do actually have a 2009 Mac Pro and have kept a copy of 10.6 on a partition, to run some older software. Snow Leopard was pretty incredible for its time, but It’s amazing to me much Mac OS has evolved over half a decade! The difference between it and El Capitan is practically night and day.

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