Apple Video Highlights OS X Yosemite’s New Look

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Apple gave us a taste of what's to come when OS X Yosemite ships this fall during the keynote presentation that kicked off this year's Worldwide Developer Conference earlier this month, and now you can get a closer look at some of the new interface elements in a short video, too. The video highlights Finder windows, Messages, Calendar, redesigned app icons, and more.

OS X Yosemite was officially announced on June 2 with a look that's flatter than OS X Mavericks, but stops short of the uber-flat look of iOS 7. It includes an iPad-like Notification Center, improved Spotlight searching, document markup, and the ability to use your Mac as a speaker phone for your iPhone.

Apple will offer a public beta of Yosemite this summer, and the final version will ship for free this fall.

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FLAG ON THE PLAY, TMO: “highlight’s?” Try “highlights.” (I admonish because I care)

Lee Dronick

Tony, a few minutes ago Inread this article:

I don’t agree with every point the author makes, I find that typos, grammar mistakes, and misued words make a story hard to read. And don’t get me started on readability, typography, whitespace and so on.  Of course I too am only human and make mistakes, but I strive not to make them.

Anyway, it is all part of the “which” tapestry of life.


Yosemite, snore. Typos? Yay!!!

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