Apple vs. Samsung - This Time It's Jury Conduct & Frivolous Suits

In case you thought the Apple vs. Samsung trial was over, last week Samsung asked for a new trial based on juror misconduct, and this week Apple countered with a response calling such claims "baseless" and "frivolous."

Apple and Samsung in the scales of justice

Apple vs. Samsung in the scales of justice might just be a perpetual motion machine

In late August, a jury awarded Apple a landslide victory and damages of over a billion dollars in its case against Samsung for patent infringement in the design of several of its smartphones. With injunction hearings set for December at this point it looked like the case might be out of the limelight for a short while.

According to Ars Technica, Samsung filed for a mistrial based on juror misconduct last week. TMO's Jim Tanous spotted the possible misconduct shortly after interviews with the jurors surfaced once the trial concluded.

It seems the jury foreman, Velvin Hogan, holds his own patent and may have shared his knowledge with other jurors. This would have introduced information not presented as part of the trial which would violate jury rules.

Apple countered with its own court filing calling Samsung's request "baseless" and "frivolous." It also accused Samsung of being hypocritical in that it asked to seal documents from public view yet attacked jurors and the judicial process in the media.

While not a complete response to Samsung's demand for a new trial, it does state Apple's objection to having documents sealed and preventing communication with jurors. It's likely the first of several legal maneuvers that will keep this case active for the foreseeable future.