Apple Watch: Adding More Customized Faces

Did you know that you can save multiple versions of your favorite Apple Watch face, so if you like having different complications at home and work, for example, you can swap between them? Yup. And you can also remove faces you don’t use. Not a huge fan of any particular style? Just prevent it from showing up in your list. In my case, that means buh-bye, Mickey. 

He just looks so smug, you know?

Here’s how you’ll start. First, go to your watch face and press firmly on the screen. This’ll let you customize your current face or swipe to select a different one.

To add a new face, swipe all the way to the rightmost screen, and you’ll see a big ol’ obvious plus sign labeled “New.”

Touch that, and then use the Digital Crown to pick which watch face you want to configure.

Tap to select it, and afterward, press firmly on the screen again and touch “Customize” to adjust the complications, the color, and so on for your new face.

Here’s where the magic happens. If you go back and reselect the “New” option, you can choose and configure the exact same watch face, only with a different color, say, or with the weather as a complication instead of your activity levels. Then you’ll have two versions of your favorite style to easily switch between. 

See? I have two! Going back and forth is much faster than swapping the complications every time. By the way, I call my two versions of the Chronograph face “business in the white, party in the black.” 

I can practically hear you groaning from here.

Anyhow, if you decide that you don’t like something you’ve created, get rid of it by pressing firmly on your watch face as before to access the configuration screen, then go to the face you don’t want. Swipe it up and off the screen to remove it, then confirm your choice by pressing “Delete.”

As I noted at the beginning of the article, you can also use this to get rid of any watch faces you don’t need to ever use, like Mickey. If you want to get him back, though, just follow the same steps to add him as a new face, and he’ll appear in your master list again. I’m not actually sure why anyone would want to do that, but I’m trying really hard not to judge all you Mickey-lovers out there.