Apple Watch App Store Open for Business with 3,000 Apps

With Apple Watch finally showing up on people's doorsteps, Apple opened the doors to its smartwatch-specific App Store. More than 3,000 compatible apps are available already, and more are on the way.

Check the Apple Watch app to find a list of compatible appsCheck the Apple Watch app to find a list of compatible apps

Finding Apple Watch apps is easy once you know where to look. Instead of using the App Store app on your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app, then tap Featured. Apple Watch apps are grouped so you can find software for health and fitness, staying up to date on news, productivity, travel, education, shopping, sports, weather, and more.

Apps install on your iPhone and then transfer to your Apple Watch. You can install Apple Watch-compatible apps even if you don't have one on your wrist because the iPhone part of the apps will still work without any problems.

The first wave of Apple Watch deliveries started arriving Friday morning, which means there will be plenty of opportunities to try out the new apps. If you want some ideas to get you started check out our lists of must have apps, social networking, and fitness apps.