Apple Watch AppleCare Priced at $49, $69, $1,500

AppleCare for the Apple Watch you stayed up late to order—or are planning to order soon—will cost you US$49 for the Apple Watch Sport, $69 for the stainless steel Apple Watch, and $1,500 for the Apple Watch Edition. Turns out the prices leaked several days ago was wrong across the board.

AppleCare for Apple Watch tops out at $1,500AppleCare for Apple Watch tops out at $1,500

While the costs leaked a few days ago are wrong, they're still related to AppleCare in that they match up with the accidental damage coverage cost you'll pay should you drop and break your Apple Watch. Accidental damage on the Sport will set you back $69, the stainless steel model costs $79, and the Edition is priced at $1,000.

In addition to accidental damage coverage, AppleCare for the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport extends phone support from 90 days to two years and hardware coverage from one year to two. AppleCare extends the Apple Watch Edition's blanket two year coverarge to three.

Since Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory, it seems only fitting that Apple offer a combo AppleCare package covering both. Those will cost you $149 for the Sport package, $169 for the stainless steel package, and $1,500 for the Edition package—and they aren't giving you any discount for the privilege of getting AppleCare on both devices as a bundle.

If you're planning on pre-ordering an Apple Watch, don't expect to get it on the April 24 launch day. Shipping times were showing between April 24 and May 8 as soon as pre-orders started, and were at four to six weeks within only a few minutes. Within half an hour, deliveries were already pushed out to June.

Since Apple is selling Apple Watch online only even after its April 24 release, if you didn't get your pre-order in right away you'll be waiting several weeks before getting yours.