Apple Watch Coming to Target October 18

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Target is joining the list of Apple Watch retailers with a limited selection in its retail stores, and more options online. A few stores will start selling Apple's smartwatch this week, online sales will start October 18th, and watches should be in all of the company's stores by October 25th.

Apple Watch coming to a Target store near youApple Watch coming to a Target store near you

The retailer said it'll carry 20 different Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models priced between US$349 and $599.

Target isn't the first retail chain to get on board with Apple Watch. Best Buy launched sales in August in a handful of stores and quickly decided to expand that to all of its retail locations by the end of October. Demand for Apple Watch, it seems, extends beyond the tech crowd.

Adding Apple Watch to Target is good news for shoppers because it means they can find one at more locations and in areas where Apple doesn't have its own retail stores. It also means Apple has been able to get a handle on watch production, so the likelihood people won't be able to buy one is much lower—at least until the holiday buying season hits.

With Best Buy's 1,050 U.S. stores, Apple's 266, the handful of high-end retailers, and now Target's 1,799 stores, more than 3,115 retail locations will have Apple Watch inventory on hand by the end of this month. That's enough to cover pretty much the whole country, and makes it much easier for shoppers to walk in a store and get their hands on an Apple Watch.

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Adding Target to the Apple Watch reseller list gives Apple 1,799 more locations where shoppers can get one on their wrist. Apple must have some serious production action going on.

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Lee Dronick

I was considering getting one for Christmas, but as John says in his Particle Debris the new watches may come out in April. In that case maybe I will wait and get one for Father’s Day.


Finally. I’m looking forward to checking these out and seeing just how big they really are.

There are half-a-dozen Apple Stores between 160 and 220 miles from here, still too far to drive to ‘browse,’ and I refuse to set foot in a Best Buy.

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