Apple: Widgets Can't Calculate, Orders Featured Calculator Widget Removed

PCalc, the iOS app noted for it's wonderful iOS 8 widget, has to be pulled from the App Store, according to Apple. James Thomson, developer of PCalc, has received notice from Apple that the current iteration of PCalc's days are numbered. I'll let him fill you in:

Here's the reason this is a confusing decision from Apple:

PCalc featured on the second row of the Notification Center Widgets section of the App Store.

This is a disappointing move by Apple, reminiscent of the days when Apple would mysteriously reject updates for all sorts of reasons, sometimes similar functionality, and adding transparency with guidelines was supposed to make this easier. Unfortunately it doesn't, because Apple explained it thusly:

To sum up: Apple featured an iOS 8 app because it has a calculator widget. Apple then told the developer to pull the app, because it has a calculator widget. Apparently widgets aren't allowed to do math, because...reasons? There's been no additional explanation, and as of now the app is still available in the App Store.