Apple Will Reportedly Announce MacBook Air with Retina Display on March 9th

It's a Cloudy Crystal BallApple will unveil a MacBook Air with Retina display at its March 9th "Spring Forward" media event, according to The Michael Report. While many expect the media event to focus on Apple Watch, this is the first major rumor that Apple will also be announcing a new Mac at the event.

There are also speculations that Apple will announce a gold MacBook Air and a larger iPad. So far the most likely ideas are the aforementioned MacBook Air with Retina, and (my personal favorite) a revised Apple TV.

This was an interesting rumor until I got to the next bit about how KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kuo was one of the analysts who had been predicting this. To say he has a bad track record is putting it mildly. As best I can tell, the KGI analyst has only been consistent in one way: he was regularly featured in Chris Rawson's Rumor Roundups over at The Unofficial Apple Weblog (RIP). This makes me lose a little faith in the sources giving info to The Michael Report.

That being said, it makes sense for Apple to include more than one item in the March 9 event. After all, we had "the Apple Watch event" already, so it isn't like we need another. And "Spring Forward" can refer to the evolution of products, leapfrogging technology ahead of what's out there right now. Let's be honest, MacBook Air and Retina Display are two great tastes that taste great together and it's time for Apple's glorious display technology to propagate even further across product lines.

Of course speculation will run rampant until the event actually takes place, so let me contribute two pieces of speculation, with varying degrees of credibility. First, the Apple TV will be part of the event, and I have backup from Chris Breen on this. It makes sense to rev the Apple TV now that there's another way to control it.

Second, the whole reason the invitation references Daylight Saving Time is because this is a bug that affects Apple every year and this event is where Tim Cook will announce Apple is leading the charge to eliminate it.

A girl can dream, anyway.