Apple Working to Increase Apple Music Library Match to 100,000 Songs by ‘End of Year’

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Apple MusicApple is working on increasing the number of songs supported by its music library matching services to 100,000. According to a statement given to MacRumors, Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue said that Apple is working on it and hopes to roll out the increase "before the end of the year."

Users of iTunes Match and Apple Music's scan-and-match service are currently limited to 25,000 songs that can be matched from their library to versions hosted in Apple's cloud services—songs not found in Apple's catalog are then uploaded to that individual's cloud-library.

That's more than enough for most users, but there are plenty of people with libraries much larger than that who will benefit from the increase to 100,000 songs.

Mr. Cue tweeted on the subject back in June of 2015 after the announcement of Apple Music and iOS 9:

This week Mr. Cue told MacRumors that his team was "definitely working on it," and that he expected it to be released "before the end of the year."

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Finally I would be able to join the service if I chose.
My collection of around 3K+ albums just could never get matched and so I have not even thought of using iTunes Match.
Maybe now I might.


That’s more like it! Some of us prefer our vast and ever expanding libraries to the curated experience. Lets hope it’s a trend. . . . wink


I like to think of my vast collection as my own personal curated experience!!!

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