Apple: 35,000 iPads Apps Gives iPad the Advantage

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer announced by way of his statement in Monday’s conference call with analysts that Apple now has more than 35,000 dedicated iPad apps in the App Store. The company said in its September media event that it had some 30,000 iPad apps, meaning that Apple has been approving roughly 1,000 new iPad apps per week since then.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs also referenced those 35,000 apps when he said that Apple’s app edge was an advantage for the company as competitors start bringing Android-based tablets to market. Mr. Jobs

“Most of the video on the web is available in HTML 5,” said Mr. Jobs. “Having the iTunes media store and over 35,000 Apps on the App Store for iPad dwarfs anything else, and we think we have a very good product here that’s going to be hard to match.

He added, “And we’re not done.”

In another part of the conference call, he said, “iPad now has over 35,000 Apps on the App store. This new crop of tablets will have near zero.”

That combined with a 7” display that Mr. Jobs argued passionately was not big enough for a proper interface — he called such a form factor a “tweener” device that is too big for a smartphone and too small for a tablet — and that they will be DOA (dead on arrival) when they come to market.