Apple Adding 500 Jobs to Its European Headquarters

Apple in IrelandApple’s European headquarters in Cork, Ireland will be adding 500 new jobs and a new office building over the next 18 months. RTE News attributes the demand for iPhones, iPads, and iPods behind the need for the extra staff. Apple will be applying for planning approval to build a three-story office block.

Apple already employs 2,800 at the Cork location, making it one of the top five multinational employers in Ireland—the company has had a presence in Cork for over 30 years. The location serves Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa and provides technical support, online sales, manufacturing and finance services.

Apple also recently announced plans to expand its operations in Austin, TX, where the company bases a good portion of its North american-based AppleCare support staff. In its home town of Cupertino, Apple is also developing a new statement headquarters building that reminds many people of a UFO.