Apple Addresses 10.5.8 AirPort Issues with Software Update

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Apple released AirPort Client Update for MacBook and MacBook Pro 1.0 late on Tuesday to address Wi-Fi reliability issues some users were experiencing after installing the Mac OS X 10.5.8 update. The update is available for specific pre-unibody MacBook and MacBook pro models.

Apple's AirPort Update for Pre-unibody Laptops

The update addressed performance-related AirPort issues when running on battery power. Late 2007, early 2008 and late 2008 13-inch MacBook owners, along with early 2008 15-inch MacBook Pro owners, and early and late 2008 17-inch MacBook Pro owners can install the update.

AirPort Client Update for MacBook and MacBook Pro 1.0 is a free update, and requires Mac OS X 10.5.8. It is available via Apple's Software Update application.


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Irwin Koenig

The update fixed my Airport Extreme speed problem in the sense that with or without the power adaptor, I get the same speed (around 6 on but I’m still nowhere near the 12 or 13 (again that I was getting back in April. Does anybody have any idea what change would have slowed down a 2008 MacBookPro 15 / 2.4 ghz on an Airport Extreme Base Station?
Irwin Koenig


I’m having Airport issues with my unibody MacBook. But, no software updates for it yet. :(


I am having the issue with a White 2009 model.  I tried to install the update but it said my hardware is not supported for it.  Hope this gets fixed soon.  I am now only getting half of my speed as before.  Booting into windows on the same computer works fine.

Jeff Koftinoff

I started out with the same problem with 10.5.8 on my early 2008 macbook pro.  However, I just installed this update and now the airport ethernet interface can’t log in to my AirPort Express base station via WPA2… It sees it, can configure it, but gets a “Connection Timeout” when authenticating.  All my other computers work fine. :-(

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