Apple Adds “Complete My Season Pass” to iTunes Store TV Shows

Apple finally added a long-requested feature to the iTunes Store on Tuesday: The ability to easily buy a season pass for TV shows where you have already downloaded individual episodes. Previously, shoppers would have to download each episode individually, or buy a season pass and essentially double pay for the episodes they already purchased.

iTunes adds "complete My Season Pass"iTunes adds “complete My Season Pass”

The Complete My Season feature works just like Complete My Album does for music. By clicking a button, you can buy the season and the price is reduced based on the number of individual episodes you previously bought.

Since season passes usually include some sort of discount compared to buying each episode individually, iTunes Store users will get to take advantage of the same cost savings regardless of whether or not they buy a TV show season pass initially, or upgrade after buying individual episodes.

[Thanks to MacRumors for the heads up.]