Apple Adds Live Music Section to iTunes with New & Old Shows

Apple has added a new Live Music section to the iTunes Store as a channel for live recording both old and new. The company is offering concert films, classic concert albums, and a special sub-section dedicated to new, recent recordings from concert promoter Live Nation. The new Live section also includes some of the concerts performed at Apple's fleet of Apple Stores, broken down by store.

Many of the featured content has long been available in other parts of iTunes, like Pearl Jam's 2006 Bootleg series of recordings from every stop in the band's 2006 tour. Many of the Apple Store recordings have similarly been available previously.

The new Live Music section brings all of the various kinds of live recordings to one place, however, making it easy for fans to find what they're looking for. The addition of the Live Nation Presents section ensures a steady influx of new recordings to draw in fans.