Apple Adds Photo Stream Deletion to Aperture 3.2.3

Apple released Aperture 3.2.3 on Tuesday, an update that adds the ability to delete photos from Photo Stream. The update also, “addresses minor issues related to performance and stability.”

Photo Stream Deletion

Deleting Photos from Photo Stream
(As metaphorically represented on Apple TV)

Aperture is Apple’s professional photo management solution for Macs. Photo Stream is Apple’s iCloud-powered solution that allows users to see the most recent 1,000 photos across all of their Apple devices and on the Web.

Apple added the ability to delete individual photos in iOS 5.1, and the company has been further enabling the feature in its software offerings such as iPhoto and Aperture. Before this, one had only the option of removing all photos from your Photo Stream.

On Tuesday, we published a TMO Quick Tip explaining how to use the new feature.

The update is 635.54MB if you download it from Apple’s support site, or 550.8MB if you download it through Software Update.