Apple Airs Two Siri Ads with John Malkovich

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Apple aired two new iPhone 4S commercials Wednesday evening that show off the smartphone’s Siri voice control feature. Both ads include actor John Malkovich interacting with Siri, much like other recent iPhone commercials with celebrities.

John Malkovich asks Siri to tell him a jokeJohn Malkovich asks Siri to tell him a joke

The first commercial, titled “Joke,” shows Mr. Malkovich asking a series of one word questions, ending with “joke.” The second ad has him saying “life,” to which Siri replies with advice about how to live a better life.

If Siri’s life advice sounds familiar, there’s a good chance you’re a Monty Python fan because the response is actually a quote from the British comedy team’s “The Meaning of Life” movie.

Both ads are available on the Apple website in QuickTime format.

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Bryan Chaffin

Funny stuff. smile

Jeff Gamet

I love that Apple went with a Python quote.

John Dingler, artist

The Joke ad was truly funny, clever, and communicated the central point superbly while the other of the two new ones seemed forced.


I’m somewhat curious about the joke part…

Next time you’re bored, turn on speech recognition on your Mac and ask it to tell you a joke.  It has a small collection of knock-knock jokes (it’s a cute interaction demo).

(Random aside—I was just looking at Speakable Items and it used to have an AppleScript which showed how it all worked.  Now it’s just a mysterious plist.  Hmm…)

I remember when I first got my iPhone 4S, I figured I’d ask it to tell me a joke.  It came back with something about not knowing any or something like that.  I was kind of disappointed…

Mak U Ribu

Talk about smug…
The only way to alienate more people would be to have John Malkovich riding a recumbent bicycle while extolling the virtues of Apple products to Adrian Brody, who is trimming his ‘stache with one of those razors he shills for.

I prefer the Scottish attempt at using Siri:

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