Apple Airs “What is iPad” Commercial

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Apple launched a new iPad commercial Wednesday night that shows of the multimedia tablet’s features and declares “It’s already a revolution, and it’s only just begun.”

“What is iPad” ad

The 30 second commercial tosses out phrases like “magical,” “More books than you can read in a lifetime,” and “You already know how to use it,” aimed at drawing the attention of average consumers.

Apple released the iPad in the United States on April 3, and is currently taking pre-orders for its May 28 launch in several other countries. The company has already sold over a million units.

Apple’s “What is iPad” commercial is available at the Apple Web site in QuickTime format.

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Lee Dronick

My only criticism of the ad is “all the world’s websites in your hands.” Surname not withstanding I am not a Flash Man, but Flash Men will be using that statement to screech about not being able to access Flash content with the iPad.

I am very much enjoying the Bing adverts on TV, in my opinion they can be quite creative. Filomena!


Ahhh, you get the websites. Just not the content. :D

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