Apple Aluminum Keyboard Update 1.1 Improves Battery Life

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Apple released Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update 1.1 late on Monday. The firmware update for Apple's aluminum keyboard improves battery life in the wireless version when using other Bluetooth devices including the Magic Mouse.

The update also corrects an issue in the USB and Bluetooth versions of the keyboard where keystrokes unexpectedly repeat, and improves battery life in the Bluetooth keyboard when using some Bluetooth headsets.

The installer will update the USB version of the keyboard to 0.69 and the Bluetooth version to 321.

You can check to see if your Apple Aluminum Keyboard already has the new firmware installed by doing this:

  • Make sure your keyboard is connected to your Mac.
  • Choose Apple menu > About this Mac
  • Click More Info
  • Choose Bluetooth from the hardware list in the System Profiler application if you have the Bluetooth version of the keyboard, or USB if you have the USB version.
  • Be sure to select your keyboard if more than one device appears in the device list.
  • The current keyboard firmware version number will appear in the Version field.

Aluminum Keyboard Firmware Update 1.1 is available as a free download at Apple's Support Web site.



I tried loading this upgrade on a late-2009, 27 inch imac with 0.68 but get a message that no bluetooth keyboard can be found even though I have a wireless mac aluminum keyboard. Anyone else have this happen or am I confused about what hardware this update is for?


Just keep updating, disregard that message, under the box, update is in progress, and you can see the progress bar if you use expose, be patient and don’t do anything.


Remember that this upgrade is for the 2007 aluminum Apple Wireless Keyboard!

Jacob Wegelin

How do I update a second bluetooth keyboard? The MacBook Pro prompted me last night, at work, to update the keyboard that I keep at work so that it now has firmware version 321 according to System Profiler. This involved rebooting the computer. At one point it gave me a message saying I must remember to update any other keyboards as well.

In keeping with that message, now that I have the same MacBook Pro at home, the keyboard that I keep at home still has firmware version 320. I tried searching Help for “update bluetooth keyboard” and it gave no results.

I thought the message last night said to use Disk Utility to update other keyboards, but I don’t see an option to update a bluetooth keyboard in Disk Utility.

How do I update it?

Jacob Wegelin

The solution seems to be: Go to Software Update. The Mac told me just now that it was downloading the firmware update (in spite of the fact that it already downloaded it last night) and now has prompted me to update the keyboard. Evidently this involves shutting down all applications and restarting the computer as last night.

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