Apple Approves Vonage App for iPhone


Vonage surprised iPhone users when it announced that its voice calling application for the iPhone was approved by Apple. According to the company it is now working on beta testing, but an official release date isn't available yet.

The application will presumably let Vonage subscribers use the service to make and receive calls, but will be limited to Wi-Fi connections. So far, the company hasn't released any additional details about what features the app will include.

The news that the Vonage app has been approved comes as a surprise since Google's own Google Voice application was apparently blocked, although Apple claims it is still being evaluated. Google Voice is a unified voicemail service with SMS features, too.

Apple and AT&T fell under the U.S. government's watchful eye when word surfaced that Google's own app along with third-party Google Voice applications were blocked from the App Store. Both companies confirmed that AT&T is not involved in Apple's application approval process, and Vonage's announcement seems to help support those claims.