Apple Beefs Up MobileMe Service

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Apple quietly updated its MobileMe service this week with improvements for Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, iDisk, and more.

The update for the online service improved performance when searching for through an address book with more than 1,000 contacts, exported vCards with multi-line addresses now properly import into the Mac-based Address Book application, and additional European phone number formats are now supported. Users can also sort To Do items by calendar or title, long event titles appear correctly in Month view, the Gallery's "Tell a friend" feature includes an updated email message, and the "Keep me logged in for two weeks" checkbox now works reliably.

iDisk file and folder names with Japanese characters now display properly on the Web, hosted iWeb pages now support additional domain suffixes, issues that prevented some members from renewing their subscription with a boxed MobileMe activation code have been resolved, and more.

MobileMe is priced at US$99 a year.



I have 1592 contact and contact on mobileme does not work on safari. Apple say it has some more thing to fix.


Contacts work just fine in Safari for the Mac.

jeff Underwood

MobleMe must have a memory problem. Can’t remember me for five minutes never mind fourteen days.


Now THAT has been a problem since the beginning.


Since reading your original announcement I have tried the remember me facility at the log on screen every day (including Christmas - yes, really sad) and it hasn’t worked once for me.

Jeff Underwood


You might try removing previous cookies.


All of a sudden it works. Thanks Apple.

Jeff Underwood

Professional Videokonferenz

Mobileme has a lot of problem. I’m sure it wont be successful.

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