Apple Begins Blocking Hackers from App Store

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Apple appears to have begun actively blocking certain hackers from accessing the App Store with their iPhones over security-related reasons.

At least two popular hackers in the iPhone community have been blocked from accessing the App Store so far and are instead seeing a message that states "This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons."

The two hackers that have been blocked so far are Sherif Hashim and iH8sn0w. Hashim discovered an exploit in iPhone OS 3.1.3 that could let users owners unlock the iPhone 3G and 3GS for use on any cell network, and iH8sn0w is behind the Sn0wbreeze project that lets Windows users jailbreak iPhones updated to OS 3.1.3.

Both hackers shared their banning experiences on Twitter with Hashim putting on his best hax0r face to say "and guess what my apple ID was, "", what a fool was me not to notice smile)), can't help laughing, they are babies smile))"

iH8sn0w replied with "@sherif_hashim lol, they did that to my ih8sn0wyday[@t] too. (right after I posted XEMN)..."

So far it appears that banning mobile access to Apple's App Store is limited to only a couple people involved in developing iPhone hacks, and does not include users that jailbreak or unlock their iPhone or iPod touch.

[Thanks to Redmond Pie for the heads up.]



I think its just a case of them thinking they are bigshots being targeted by apple when in fact that isnt the case.

I too have gotten the message “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.”

It is not permanent and is done for the security of the users account, not to block the actual user from getting into apple.


I also got this message when i tried to log back in to my old account that i have not used in awhile. perhaps they’re just trying to get attention?

Lee Dronick

Is the cookie setting in Safari somehow related? I used to get that message in iTunes until I enabled cookies.


Since Apple may now know the identities of both gentlemen, they, I think, should be most concerned about whether business considerations will persuade Apple not to sue them to impose liability under the civil provisions of the Copyright Act or refer them to the appropriate U.S. Attorney for that officer to determine whether they are liable under the criminal provisions of the Act and should, therefore, be prosecuted.

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