Apple Begins Encouraging MobileMe-to-iCloud Migration

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Apple has begun to encourage some MobileMe customers to get on with migrating their accounts to iCloud. MobileMe is currently scheduled to be shut down in June of 2012, and Apple has begun sending email messages to MobileMe account holders encouraging a migration now, rather than later.


Email Message Sent to Some MobileMe Customers

Apple introduced iCloud-enabled iTunes synching starting in the summer of 2011. iCloud as a whole officially launched on October 12th. The company let us know at the time that MobileMe would shut down in June of 2012, and the company has provided a migration path for customers to convert their accounts to iCloud.

iCloud does both less and more than MobileMe. It provides most, but not all, of the data synching offered in MobileMe (the notable absence currently being Keychain synching), as well as support for Find My iPhone. It also offers online access to your email accounts, but it does not include iDisk, Apple’s online storage solution.

It adds the above-mentioned iTunes content synching, Photo Stream (Apple’s available-everywhere photo storage and access service), online storage of iTunes video content, iCloud document storage, and more. Apple’s iTunes Match also requires iCloud.

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Give me keychain syncing, and google contacts syncing, and I WILL. Otherwise you can cram it up your a**.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but Photo Stream is personal syncing only, it is not a public gallery of any kind.  I use the photo gallery extensively to share with people, and would rather not use flikr, but might have to soon. flikr doesn’t allow me to set a username and password like MobileMe so if I want to restrict the viewers A) they have to have flikr accounts and B) I have to add them all as friends.  What a hassle.


Make it accessible with Snow Leopard and I’ll look at it.
(It really pisses me off that Windows users can access it but not Snow Leopard users.)

Hey Apple: These posts should give you a clue. Those of us that haven’t gone to iCloud HAVE A DAMN GOOD REASON and the reason is your omissions.


Sounds like the commenters should use the contact option that is in the email?

Give Apple an earful about supporting the last OS with features we were willing to pay for & they may actually listen.

I’d migrate to iCloud now if it would work with 10.6.x, as it stands I’m planning to migrate my data to a third party. I can’t trust Contact’s, Calendars & Bookmarks to a company that forces new OS’s upon me.

I suspect they are playing Russian roulette with our data, tempting us to update early & use Lion only to release 10.6.9 that has limited iCloud support.


Sounds like the commenters should use the contact option that is in the email?

Haven’t gotten the email yet but I’ve written them a couple of times and was active on the apple boards where there are a lot of annoyed people.  Made no difference


I’ve been using Macs 28 years now and I can tell you I have NO intention of migrating to iCloud. My stuff is my stuff.

No amount of security guarantees they can provide can convince me otherwise. iTunes accounts are too easily hacked, Safari is still too easily hacked, and they don’t offer a VPN tunnel or any real form of encrypted connection, so forget it.

I wasn’t using anyway. It’s no big deal.


I sent a snail mail letter directly to Mr. Cook at Apple regarding the need for iCloud functionality on Snow Leopard. I received a call from an Apple Executive Relations Expert from Mr. Cook’s office asking me to talk about my concerns, which I did. Odd since I spelled out the issue clearly in my letter. I was told that Apple appreciates my feedback but the Rep could not make any promises on the mythical 10.6.9 iCloud compatibility update.

Don’t expect Apple to budge on this one, especially now that Mountain Lion has been announced. Apple wants all users on the latest, greatest OS ? every year.

I fully expect to lose all MobileMe functionality on July 1. I’m changing all my emails on web sites to avoid lost emails. Hopefully there will be third-party sync solutions for Mail, iCal, Keychain, Browser Bookmarks, etc.

Maybe if enough Snow Leopard users complain, Apple will change their mind. They once declared the death of the matte screen on the MacBook Pro until enough creative professionals raised a ruckus.

However, I don’t have much hope for iCloud finding its way to Snow Leopard.

Pashtun Wally

I’ve been using Mobile Me since it was iTools.

nice to know I will simply be dumped on the pavement, for no better reason than because I bought my computer a year too early to run Lion.

Adding spice is that, in the iOS5/iCloud flurry, I lost my remaining Apple IDs involving Apple emails addresses.  Can’t use them.  For ANYTHING.

Until Apple deals with the incredibly inept and tone-deaf AppleID fiasco they have imposed on ordinary customers, I’ll just be another child left behind.

And if they ever get it straightened out, well, I only hope I can afford a new machine by then (and that my rev-A MBP keeps working ‘til then).

And I agree w/ all remarks above…(‘cept Tiger’s).

Bruce Huddleson

Agree with a lot of this regarding iCloud and Snow Leopard. Have been on iTools/MobileMe since beginning. I have been and am still willing to pay $99 to have the current features offered via MobileMe and on Snow Leopard. Goin’ to Mountain Lion I will lose access to some legacy software that I have invested a lot of time in (Appleworks esp data bases). Not sure I want/can redo those DBs for Filemaker or Bento. But having the functionality of iCloud on Snow Leopard would save a lot of time and effort.

Andrea Travers

Once MobileMe is transferred to iCloud, will it sync email on the HTC incredible 2 android?

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